Happy Transgender Day of Visibility

Forgive me, for I have sinned. I waded back into the cesspit of Twitter for four days. In those four days, I watched the men of the trans “rights” brigade punch down old women in the street and threaten lesbians who want to meet free from the presence of deranged lesbian fetishists. I watched a little trans bitch break the female mass shooting body count record. I watched trans activists justify her actions and threaten more violence if they don’t get what they want.

What do they want?

The right to lie in public and have no one call them out. The right to falsify government records. The right to cheat and steal. The right to drug, mutilate and intellectually diminish children. The right to break up families. The right to trespass. The right to censor debate. The right to punish disobedient women. The right to play the victim even while literally mowing down schoolchildren.

Are they visible enough yet, America? What more do you need to see?

CNN says that only 42% of Americans know a trans person. Pew says that support for transgender “rights” is declining with the only measure actually supported by a majority of Americans protection for “trans people” in jobs, housing and public spaces. Could that be because the more one meets transgender people, the more obvious is it that the real spectrum upon which they exist is the one between “troubled and self destructive” and “violently deranged”?

The President of America says that “transgender people deserve love, dignity and respect.” We don’t disagree. We just speak a different language. Only in Newspeak does “we see you just as you are” mean “we agree with your self-destructive and patently obvious delusion.”

War is not Peace. Lies are not love.

Freedom is not slavery. Pretending to believe someone’s delusion is not respect.

Ignorance is not strength. Drugs and genital surgeries are not dignity.

Being a trans woman has about as much to do with being a woman as driving through the Burger King drive through has to do with being royalty. How long are you going to keep mincing words while the naked Emperor jerks off in your face? No much longer, methinks. It’s been way too long already.

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