An Open Letter to Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner has been in the news semi-recently for opposing men-pretending-to-be-women in women’s sports, and calling out Bud Light’s fave troon. Is there a chance he could drop the act? Lily Cade thinks so.

Bruce, I know you’re in there, somewhere, buried beneath the layers of persona.

I get it. 

You lost ethical access to fulfilling sex, partly because of forces outside your control that are far greater than yourself and partly because of your own decisions. Some of those decisions were related to your human relationships in which you had reasons to remain beyond pure pleasure. Complicated emotions create complicated behavior. You sought a form of sex that, theoretically, only degraded yourself but in fact degraded everyone around you. 

You have a difficult personality to manage, right? You have made your justifications. You wanted your second fifteen minutes and you got it. You could have been even worse if you wanted to be. You had the money. Maybe you were much, much, much worse and that’s why you can’t face yourself. You were jealous of the attention given to the children you raised up to be sacrificed in public, so, you sacrificied yourself in public too. In a way, you had always done it, but the prior form in which you pushed your body to his limits was nobler. There are good sacrifices and bad sacrifices. The people need heros, not ghouls.

The bad sacrifice feels good, for the people at the top. They sell their souls for enough money to count. What’s a soul? Who said anything about a soul? Souls aren’t real. All those children being sacrificed in public upon the alter of your vanity don’t have souls, anyway. They are stupid, stupid enough to believe you, when deep down on the inside you don’t even believe yourself.

You know what you are. 

You’re a man who finds it sexy to pretend to be a funhouse mirror effigy version of mostly negative sterotypes about women.

You are an addict of your own degradation. 

You are an addict of the sweet, sweet crack between the worlds that fame gives you, wherein you are both loved and loathed by the people. 

You are sadomasochistic and aroused by power.

You believe yourself superior to the sheep, the cattle, the common people, marks, fools, idiots. Your dick, which prints images, has printed many, many vile images in your head. The persona of “Kaitlyn” has allowed you to revel in those images, to creep closer to their subjects, because the pretense that you are “a woman” excuses much vile behavior. Perhaps you excuse it yourself, and perhaps you know exactly what you are doing. 

I was a horse of Troy’s army. You were a battering ram. You were the first of the “real men” to fall. The Wachowskis were always creepy, and most other public trannies before you were the “traps” whose praxis is the seduction of “straight” men. Of course, the praxis of all trannies is to be “superior to a real woman” but the OG traps mostly meant “in bed.” If you came up, as I did, from the formerly marginalized gay and lesbian community that was overtaken by the queer community, you would long have been subjected to the most horrible kinds of “non binary” men and “trans lesbians” but none of them rose to prominence except in the shadow corners of the Internet. Before you, most of the crossdressers and the sissy maids and the addicts of constructed “feminine” humiliation stayed in the dungeons, and kept up appearances around “normal people.” You are not like the humorless oversensitive coddled wrecks that comprise most of the online “trans community.” You didn’t care that you were stand-up fodder. You liked it. It’s power. They put you on fucking South Park. You were rich. You were fabulous. It was all so fucking funny. Tee hee hee, look at me. I’m such a piece of shit and they fight over me. 

All’s fair in love and war, they say, but the men and women of the Western World need not be at war. 

In all of the ways that trannies now dominate women, they do so because the male animal is physically superior, and the reproductive function of the male animal is less demanding. It’s not rocket science. The richest “women” in the world are considered, by the official narrative of the People’s Republic of America, to be male human beings who have sired children via intercourse with female human beings, relied upon those female human beings to bear, suckle, and nurse those children and then, instead of dumping their spent wives for last hurrahs with sluts in love with their money, became the sluts themselves. The fastest and strongest “women” in the world are male athletes who have chemically or physically castrated themselves in order to shamelessly humilate themselves upon the women of sport, who routinely speak, in their private conversations, about the fetishistic pleasure they derive from the domination of these non-consenting women. Prisons across the world have transferred violent, rapacious, male psychopaths to women’s wards, and forced incarcerated women, on average incarcerated for pettier crimes than the masculine population, to room and shower with them. 

This is like siccing your German Shepherd on a chihuahua.

I respect that you recognize the ignobility. 

Perhaps the least horrible members of a community of mentally ill drug users, plastic surgery addicts with horrifying fetishes, miserable incels, internet shut-ins desperate for attention, antifa terrorists, and literal baby raping god dammned pedophile monsters that make up the trans community will stand behind you. I respect that you are trying to undo some of the worst damage of the transgender movement, but I can’t fully respect you as a human being until you drop the mask. Only abject idiots believe that you are a woman, and I don’t believe that you are an abject idiot. I think you’re just on drugs that make you more crazy than you already were. 

I’m not sure that you meant to be the battering ram. I’m not sure that you thought beyond your own dick and especially certain structures surrounding your own colon, and the dopamine glands of your mind, but what do I know? Maybe you saw it coming, the whole thing, and you knew. Maybe, you wanted to be right here, right now, to be the one who takes it back. 

So, take it back. 

Lynch Kaitlyn. 

Stand up, as the man we all know that you are, and take responsibility for this shame. 

The people are ready.

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