What’s the Name of the Main Character?

This interview has been making the rounds.

I was sufficiently struck by it that I determined to read All Boys Aren’t Blue.

I failed in this endeavor, this product being the most navel-gazing drivel about what, at least in the first 100 pages, proved the run of the mill childhood of an identity politics and critical race theory warped mind. I never made it to the strap-on dildos and anal rape. I noped out at “microagression is the academic term for what I was experiencing.” It’s hard for me to believe that anyone takes this kind of thing seriously , but the proof is all around us.

Should this be “banned”? No. Does this belong in a school library? Not really. It’s crap. Put it down and pick up a memoir of real hardship and the triumph of the human spirit.

Survival in Auschwitz

Sufferings in Africa

Twelve Years A Slave

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